SEO Spend 2009 Graph

Here is an interesting graph from SEMPO and Econsultancy – The good news is the many companies are starting to realize the value of SEO and spending serious resources on moving up the organic search results.

sempo spend SEO

Click on graph above to see larger image.

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Sanyo Supports Electric Bikes with Solar Recharging

Sanyo hasjust finished installing the bicycle sheds of the future: “Solar Parking Lots” that capture sunlight and turn it into electricity to charge up 40 electric bikes parked beneath. Shelter, green power, and the health-benefits of bicycling, all in one place.

The two sheds are found in Setagaya, Tokyo, and they’re designed to work with Sanyo’s own Eneloop bicycles. During sunny hours, the incident solar radiation is converted to electrical charge by photovoltaic panels, which either feed the bike’s batteries directly, or charge up an array of six lithium ion-based “Standard Battery Systems For Power Storage” for later connection to the bicycles.

sanyo-bike-power shed

In addition, the solar power is used to illuminate the sheds with low power-drain LEDs for safety and convenience at night. Though the bicycles themselves are indeed electrically-powered, perfect for short range commutes that may reduce the CO2 burden of city traffic, they’re also pedal-powered for the steeper inclines or when the batteries run out, which brings health benefits. And the cabinets housing the shed’s lithium batteries also contain the necessary power converters to generate a mains voltage AC supply, meaning that in an emergency, devices requiring a mains connection can be quickly hooked up without having to search for a power source.  Great support for a great product.

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The Buzz for Web Design in 2010

Over at Softpedia there is some an interesting new article about trends that might effect web design this coming year.  We agree with most of them, and a couple worth noting are – Will HTML5 launch?  If it does it will be great for web designer, especially ones that like to play around with cool fonts!  HTML5 comes with a new method to upload fonts to the web-server and have the user download them if they are not installed on their computer when they access the site. Using this technique, any previous barriers in employing fonts for styling techniques will be stomped in to the ground by web designers. There is the possibility in non-standard fonts over-usage, but I’m willing to pass over it just because there are currently way too many good designers out there not to know the difference when to stop and how to properly use fonts.

If HTML5 is released this year, websites will start to look more and more like magazines. Already predicted by many industry experts as a hot trend for 2010, the magazine layout will then be complete with the font repository being let loose on the web. In case W3C fails again in releasing a usable and stable version of HTML5, typography will still have a big say in web design showcase, the Internet being filled every month with new PHP or JavaScript-powered scripts that provide different alternatives in embedding non-standard fonts in web pages.

So I will cross my fingers on this one and hope for the best!!
On the trend of more white space!  Just look at our own site, we love it!!

One trend we are unsure of but probably has ageless appeal is ‘characters’ – I think many website can benfit by having a cute little cuddly web mascot and here is one we will be implementing for a client!

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The Cost of Running a Government Website

This article provides a really ‘eye opening’ look at some of the costs associated with operating a big government website. The Department of Health (DH) has revealed that it spent £27.9m on developing and running the NHS Choices website during 2008 to 2009.

The cost, which covers the planning, designing, building, hosting and infrastructure, content provision and testing and evaluation of the website, does not include internal staff costs. Phil Hope, Minister of State for Care Services at the DH, provided the details in a parliamentary written answer.

In 2008 to 2009, the highest portion of the total cost was spent on strategy and planning for the website (£8.8m), more than double the amount spent the previous year (£3.3m). This was closely followed by the cost of design and build (£7.5m), which had increased from £4.3m the previous year, and content provision (£7.2m), which had also seen a two-fold increase compared with 2007 to 2008 (£3.01m).

Meanwhile, the total cost of NHS Choices is also expected to reach £21.3m in the period 2009 to 2010, with most of the budget, £6.4m, being allocated to the website’s design and build. I gotta get in on some of that strategy and planning dough, 18 million dollars? You gotta be kidding!

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Let’s take a look at, Inc., formerly Website Pros, Inc., incorporated on March 2, 1999, is a provider of do-it-for-me and do-it-yourself Website building tools, online marketing, lead generation and technology solutions that enable small and medium-sized businesses to build and maintain an online presence. The Company offers a range of online services, including online marketing and advertising, local search, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, lead generation, home contractor specific leads, Website design and publishing, logo and brand development and eCommerce solutions, meeting the needs of small businesses anywhere along their lifecycle. On June 18, 2008, the Company acquired certain assets from and Design Logic, Inc (collectively LogoYes). In April 2009, the Company acquired Solid Cactus, an eCommerce site builder and solutions provider.

The Company’s primary service offerings, eWorks! XL and SmartClicks, are performance-based packages that include Website design and publishing, online marketing and advertising, search engine optimization, search engine submission, lead generation and Web analytics. As an application service provider (ASP), the Company offers its customers a range of Web services and products on a subscription basis. In addition to its primary service offerings, it provides a variety of services to customers, such as e-commerce solutions and other online marketing services and online lead generation. The Company’s technology automates many aspects of creating, maintaining, enhancing and marketing Websites on behalf of its customers. As of December 31, 2008, the Company had approximately 265,000 subscribers to its eWorks! XL, SmartClicks and subscription-based services.

Using its software and workflow enabled processes, the Company develops and supports subscription Web service packages that include a 5, 10, 20, or 40 page semi-custom Website and related services. These packages include the tools and functionality necessary for a business to create, maintain, enhance and market an online presence. It also provides tutorials and tools for customers to edit and manage their sites themselves. Alternatively, a customer can select from one of several levels of support programs for ongoing management and maintenance of its Website.

The Company’s primary subscription offering is eWorks! XL, a Website design and publishing package targeted at getting small and medium-sized businesses online when they have no online presence, or a limited one. The package includes a five-page, semi-custom Website built on the Company’s self-editing tool, which allows for maintenance by the customer. By using its performance-based package of services, customers eliminate the need to buy, install or maintain hardware or software to manage their online presence. This offering includes a set of configuration and customization options using a Web browser. The Company builds the initial Website for the customer using the content and design information the customer provides.

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Flash Attack Hits Insecure Web Design

The web world is vibrating with news that an un-patched security risk involving Adobe Flash creates a possible mechanism for hackers to load exploits onto websites.

The vulnerability was discovered by security researchers at Foreground Security and reported to both Adobe and Google, whose Google Applications, including Gmail, are potentially vulnerable to exploit.

No fix is currently available. However, exploitation of the security flaw would be far from straightforward, especially on Gmail because hackers would have to figure out message IDs in order to create any mischief. Foreground has not detected any attacks using the technique, which affects sites that allow users to upload active content onto trusted domains.
Mike Bailey, the senior researcher who first documented the vulnerability, agreed with that point while adding that Adobe also has a role to play in fixing the problem.

“For website owners, all user-supplied content should be served from a completely separate domain,” Bailey said. “This is already implemented by Yahoo mail, Hotmail, Wikipedia, and many other major websites, but a huge variety of self-contained web applications do not do so.”

“The ideal fix should involve Adobe implementing a more sensible origin policy for Flash objects,” Bailey added. However, the downside of making Flash more secure in this way is that it would break legitimate (though arguably badly coded) functionality on many sites.

Surfers are advised to mitigate against the possible risk of attack by disabling Flash in their browsers or by using browser plug-ins, such as NoScript for Firefox or ToggleFlash for IE, to reduce their exposure whenever possible.

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The world wide web is an amazing place to socialize and conduct business.  If you are looking for a way to increase sales and profitability then a professionally developed website should be in your near-term plans.  Our job is to make the creation of your web presence go as smoothly as possible.  In the past two years I can say that each and every one of our projects have come in on budget and on time.  We don’t over promise and under-deliver like to many overseas fly-by-night companies do.  We are North American based and are very conscious of our reputation, always offering huge amounts of value for your online budget.

All our quotations are provided free of charge with no obligation.  If you are considering a move to the web or expansion of your current website then contact us and we can help you achieve these goals.

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